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Your credit score can have a huge impact on your life. If there’s negative information anywhere on your credit report, you want to do everything you can to make it right. Unfortunately, dealing with your credit score can be confusing, complicated and even a bit mysterious. sheds some light on the entire process of credit with an interactive, online service which details every aspect of credit repair. They don’t just provide information, however, they have a proven system to repair credit. They’re a reputable, effective credit repair service which primarily exists as an online entity. Features has a proven success rate. They remove an average of 11.6 negative items from a credit report in the first four months. Within three months, the typical client’s credit will have about 20% of all negative items removed from their credit report. This averages out to 7% of negative items removed each month.

The team has a “Three C” system. First, they “Check” your credit report. Then they “Challenge” any inaccurate information. Hopefully, the dispute is resolved in your favor and your credit score is “Changed” for the better.

What Does Cost?

The service is $89.98 a month and, unlike many other repair services, has no initial setup fee. Additionally, for as long as you subscribe to the service, you have free access to credit monitoring through TransUnion. With your subscription, you get access to the online, personalized dashboard as well as the associated app. Most customers will notice a significant improvement after three months. You never have to pay any fees upfront, as per Federal regulations.

Excellent Customer Service

Because is primarily an online service, you can track everything in real time through their comprehensive dashboard, which you can access online whenever you wish. You’ll also receive emails and texts when anything important happens. Plus, they even have a mobile app you can use. If you want to do more research yourself, you can find great resources online through the website. may exist primarily online, but behind that website is a team of dedicated professionals who take great pride in working to improve your credit. Aside from email contact, you can also consult with these professionals over the phone. This caring, expert team is here to help you in any way they can.

Final Review of

There are all sorts of companies which can help repair your credit, but only offers a personalized, customized dashboard. Able to be viewed in real time, you can actually watch your credit improve. With no setup fees, can make good financial sense, too. Don’t be too intimidated to fix your credit. works around your schedule, and the proven, trusted experts can set you on the path for good financial health. Thank you for reading our reviews.

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6 Customer Reviews for “ Reviews”

  1. Bob Browne says:

    There is a lot that goes into hiring a company like, but they did not make things a challenge along the way. They may the entire process simple, and that is good enough for me.

  2. Dave Luther says:

    Are you being truthful with yourself regarding your credit? If so, you may realize the need to hire somebody who can help you repair your score. You want to know that your future is bright, but you cannot do this until you contact These guys know their stuff. They know what it takes to develop a strategy that will allow you to get your finances in order. If you are anything like me, it will take the help of a pro to realize what it means to live a better life in the future.

  3. Keith Richards says:

    I had a goal of buying a home, but my bad credit was stopping me from doing so. This is why I contacted They were able to help me reach my goal within a year or so. Thanks again.

  4. Willa Cartwright says:

    I miscalculated my monthly budget and had to get some extra cash right away. credit was there for me when I needed them. The website is easy to use, and they approved my loan in seconds. Thank you, credit!

  5. Ronnie Marquese says:

    I work three jobs, and none of them pay very much. I never in a million years thought I would be able to get a loan to fix my roof. The roofers needed a deposit to get started, and I knew my low income levels would turn away most banks and creditors. That’s when credit came into my life, and they made things so much easier! They assured me that they could get me the money I needed with no fuss or muss. And they were right! I was able to get my roof fixed AND pay back my loan in just a few quick steps. Thank you so much, credit!

  6. Julie J. says:

    Last year, my father became very sick. His medical bills mounted so quickly that none of us kids could keep up with them. They were soon skyrocketing, and we were helpless to get a hold of them. I had to contribute something, even though my family understands about my financial difficulties. Given my circumstances and finances, I found that a payday loan company was going to be my best bet. I called around to several, but they just seemed so sketchy, and they made me uncomfortable. All that changed when I called credit They put me at ease from the start, and they honestly and openly answered all of my questions. I put my trust in them–and thank heavens I did! They got me MORE money than I thought I could get AND they made the whole process easy and fast. I was so proud to hand over that money to help my family pay off Dad’s hospital bills. Now I am repaying it on terms that work for me. credit is the only payday loan company I’d ever do business with. They are, quite simply, THE BEST there is, and I am grateful to have found them! My heartfelt thanks!

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